AgilePoint NX for Digital Transformation

How do you get and defend market leadership? By empowering everyone in your enterprise, from the mailroom to the boardroom, to participate in the innovation process. That's the key to digital transformation. And with AgilePoint NX, the best value in the low-code-platform space, digital transformation is entirely within your reach.

The Catalyst of Digital Transformation

AgilePoint NX allows your various teams to fix problems as they occur, build and deploy cool new apps, and eliminate bottle necks. With AgilePoint NX, any idea, from anyone in your organization can become a software solution faster than you might imagine. The people on the front line become the catalysts of change, reinventing your organization little by little on a daily basis. According to Forrester Research, AgilePoint NX is a top-five low-code platform that can catalyze the digital transformation of your organization in five distinct ways:

Visual Configuration vs. Hand-Coding

Hand coding new apps is way too time consuming for today’s needs. And modifying hand-coded apps is a slow and tedious task. In contrast, visually configuring new apps out of pre-defined components with AgilePoint NX can generate new, functional apps up to ten times faster than hand coding. For digital transformation to work, this kind of speed is essential.

Enabling App Evolution

Hand coding apps must be fully spec’d before coding can commence. And app designs that look complete could evolve during the time it takes to build them. In contrast, with AgilePoint NX, minimum viable solutions can be built, published, and evaluated while a hand-coded project is still in the planning stage. With actual usage, real requirements will surface, and updates can be made quickly. Apps can evolve by the day.

Performing Live-Trials without Risk

A digitally transformed organization will have empowered employees at every level to drive innovation. AgilePoint NX is the key to this bottom-up/top-down/middle-out innovation, allowing enterprises to build, test and deploy for little investment or opportunity cost.

Scaling from Prototypes to Enterprise-Ready Apps

Hand coding a working prototype is one thing; deploying the prototype on an enterprise-wide scale is another. More often than not, the prototype gets scrapped and then completely rebuilt to accommodate volume and diversity of users. AgilePoint NX provides system developers with features for easily scaling and refining applications to support any number of users.

Expanding Development Resources

In many, if not most, organizations, IT will have a huge backlog of app requests—sometimes extending out for months or even years. It’s this phenomenon—too few qualified developers and not enough money—that makes digital transformation a dream, rather than a goal. With AgilePoint NX, novice engineers—even hackers—can be up to speed in a few hours. Even power users can get into the game in just a few days.

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