Deployment Options

Deploy AgilePoint NX where you want, how you want.


You can host AgilePoint NX on your own, on-premises server. AgilePoint NX will look the same and function the same as a SaaS deployment, but you’re files and data will never leave your fire wall, affording you all the security of your own, on-premises system.

Private Cloud

You can host AgilePoint NX in your own private cloud, affording you all the security of an on-premise installation with the added benefit of multi-tenancy.

Application Platform-as-a-Service

AgilePoint NX is available at AgilePoint NXone, a cloud-based portal where you can access the AgilePoint NX integrated console. Build, deploy, manage, and monitor all your AgilePoint apps from NXone. AgilePoint NXone offers the ultimate in convenience, accessibility, and return on investment.

See AgilePoint NX in Action