Change Apps with Ease

When business or technical requirements change, AgilePoint NX lets you change apps whenever you want, however you want.


AgilePoint NX's model-driven architecture lets you change apps at runtime, without taking them offline.

Easy to Build. Easy to Change.

Changing an app is as simple as displaying the model, double clicking the component (form/activity/action) you want to change, and modifying component parameters using plain language.

Runtime Updates

With AgilePoint NX, application models consist of XML and are loaded directly into AgilePoint’s stateless process engine, rather than going through a code-generation/compiling/executing process. This XML-based architecture makes an update to an application a runtime event. Updates are live as soon as they’re made.

Productive Users

Because you never have to take an application offline, your users will never be inconvenienced. And you’ll never have to abandon hundreds—or thousands—of mid-execution processes, no matter how many business conditions change.

The Ultimate in Changeability

Because of AgilePoint NX’s XML-based architecture and its capacity for runtime modifications, applications can be programmatically updated via feedback loops of fresh data from other applications or devices. This capacity enables AgilePoint apps to self adapt to changing business and technical requirements.

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