Build Apps Once

AgilePoint NX apps are responsive to devices, platforms, environments, and the specific requirements of business units and, even, individuals. A single AgilePoint NX app can be quickly re-purposed and all variants can run in parallel.


Because of Agilepoint NX's responsive architecture, you can build apps once and then re-purpose them any number of times.

One Application Model

AgilePoint NX models are not converted into low-level code and then compiled and executed, a common approach that takes time and effort. Rather, NX models consist of XML and are fed directly into AgilePoint’s stateless process engine. This XML-based approach makes AgilePoint NX apps impervious to a range of external, variable conditions, enabling a single NX app to do a job that might otherwise take multiple apps.

Multiple Configurations

AgilePoint NX allows you to configure individual components within an app for multiple scenarios. This capability allows you to dramatically reduce the total number of apps you’ll need to build and maintain.

Any Device

AgilePoint NX’s eForm builder lets you design device-specific, form visualizations, selectively including or excluding fields and other page elements or resizing elements for different devices. In other words, a form running on a mobile phone can have different controls than the same form running on a tablet. User experience is optimized no matter the device.

Any Environment

AgilePoint NX forms consist of HTML5 and JavaScript—standard client-side technologies. Not only can forms be custom configured for different devices and orientations, they can be embedded in virtually any web application, whether on-premises or cloud based. In other words, the same form could be surfaced in SharePoint 2010, Office 365, Salesforce, and so on.

Build Apps Once with the Responsive Application Platform

The bottom line is this:

  • XML-based application models running on a stateless process engine
  • combined with HTML5/JavaScript-based forms that can be embedded anywhere and configured for any device and any orientation
  • yields business apps that are responsive not just to devices and browsers but to platforms, applications, evolving business conditions, and the needs of different groups of users.

See AgilePoint NX in Action