Build Apps Fast

AgilePoint NX lets you build anything from simple forms and workflows to composite, line-of-business systems up to five times faster than you could with other methods.


AgilePoint NX's declarative, point-and-click environment allows you to build forms, workflows, and apps fast and without ever writing a line of code.

App Builder

AgilePoint NX’s App Builder is a wizard-driven tool that makes it easy to create anything from simple workflows to powerful, composite business apps.

Data Integration

AgilePoint NX Apps allow you to quickly integrate your apps with external data sources.

eForms Builder

eForms builder allows you to easily build forms by dragging and dropping fields and other controls onto a canvas, organizing and resizing them as you go.


AgilePoint NX allows you to incorporate sophisticated reports into your apps. Just drag and drop the chart that best represents your data set and define the data source.

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