AgilePoint NX for Business Process Automation (BPMS)

AgilePoint NX has deep BPMS functionality combined with the speed and cost benefits of a leading low-code platform.

Business Process Management (BPMS)

AgilePoint, a Gartner iBPMS Magic Quadrant company in 2016, gives you all the essential features of other elite BPMs at a fraction of the upfront price and with little long-term commitment. AgilePoint NX supports process modeling, automation, deployment, and refinement. Likewise, AgilePoint NX enables mid-execution process modifications and updates and includes a cadre of system diagnostic capabilities.

Responsive Platform Capability

Beyond traditional BPM capability, AgilePoint NX’s unique architecture engenders your process apps with the ability to respond, not just to devices and browsers, but to platforms, environments, and the specific needs of disparate groups within your organization.

Configurability.  AgilePoint NX apps can be built once and then configured for different use cases. This approach eliminates the need to build multiple variants of an app, each of which has to be maintained. All configurations of an AgilePoint NX app can run in parallel and can adapt to desktop and mobile devices.

Adaptability.  AgilePoint NX apps can adapt at runtime to changing business conditions. Reconfigurations can be made to app activities manually without writing programming code. Or you can design an app so that activities are reconfigured programmatically, based on feedback from other applications or devices. AgilePoint NX apps will automatically adapt to desktop and mobile devices.

Enterprise-Class BPMS

AgilePoint NX is designed for organizations of any size, from small companies looking to cut costs via process-efficiency improvement to the largest global enterprises, which may be focusing on governance, risk management, and compliance.

Scalability.   AgilePoint NX utilizes a stateless process engine, meaning AgilePoint NX apps are not resident in memory throughout execution. Rather, AgilePoint NX apps are loaded when needed and jettisoned within just a few milliseconds. This design characteristic dramatically limits the amount of system memory required. Because AgilePoint NX’s process engine runs on XML, rather than compiled code, AgilePoint NX keeps CPU requirements at a minimum.

Security.  AgilePoint NX supports single-code-base multi-tenancy, allowing all tenants to have separate data storage but still access a single platform codebase. This approach increases security and scalability while reducing maintenance and risk.

Reliability.   In the event of a network outage while processes (perhaps thousands of them) are mid-execution, AgilePoint NX’s stateless approach eliminates the possibility of losing data.

Application Governance.   AgilePoint NX extends governance to the application level, enabling system administrators within individual tenants to assign a range of rights and privileges to various applications to specific team members. AgilePoint NX utilizes access tokens for single login to multiple applications.

The Low-Code Advantage

In contrast to traditional BPM suites, which tend to be heavyweight, cumbersome, and difficult-to-implement, AgilePoint NX takes a low-code approach to process improvement. AgilePoint NX is a nimble platform that lets you automate, test, and refine business processes fast, an essential ingredient to BPM success in a world where processes evolve by the day. But AgilePoint NX also lets you quickly build responsive business apps that deliver real business value throughout your ecosystem. Low upfront expense and small long-term commitment are hallmarks of AgilePoint NX.

BPMS as a Service

AgilePoint NX provides a rich, desktop-like user experience from within a browser, allowing you to compose apps, design interactive forms, add reports, connect to data sources, manage your processes in-flight, and analyze process efficiency from the same integrated, cloud-based environment.

See AgilePoint NX in Action