What is AgilePoint NX?

AgilePoint NX is the best-value in the low-code platform market, allowing you to quickly build anything from simple eforms and workflows to complex, multi-tenant SaaS apps, IoT apps, and composite LOB systems without writing code and at a price almost any enterprise can afford. With AgilePoint NX, you'll never pay for value you haven't received.

It's All About Your Bottom Line

With deep roots in the Business Process Management (BPS) space, AgilePoint NX can help you decrease back-office spend by systematically improving enterprise efficiency via modeling, automating, measuring, and refining processes.

AgilePoint NX is also a top-five low-code platform and empowers you to quickly create innovative new business apps that improve customer experience and engagement and, ultimately, drive up top-line revenue.

Drag, Drop, and Configure App Development

AgilePoint NX utilizes a visual drag-drop-and-configure approach to assembling apps from pre-built components. (Think building something out of Legos®, for example.) AgilePoint has pieces and parts that let you assemble almost any kind of app you want. You can even build apps that incorporate activities from other applications and systems, such as SharePoint and Salesforce.

Responsive Software Assets

AgilePoint NX utilizes a true, model-driven architecture, meaning that as you are building a model, underlying code is modified dynamically in real time. This approach results in apps that have responsive characteristics, meaning they can actually adapt at run-time, not just to devices and browsers, but to changing technical and business conditions.


AgilePoint is more than just a platform for building apps for your own on-premises usage. And it’s more than just a low-code PaaS, which would allow you to build and use apps hosted in a public cloud. Rather, AgilePoint NX is a low-code Application Platform as a Service (aPaas), enabling you to build and deploy multi-tenant apps on a SaaS subscription basis.

Even if you want to build apps for your own enterprise, the concept of establishing departments as tenants is powerful, enabling security and extending rights management to various tenants. For channel players and software vendors, alike, the ability to create multi-tenant apps and deliver them as a subscription-based service is a game changer.

BPMS Heritage

AgilePoint was founded more than 13 years ago as a Business Process Management Suite targeting, primarily, the Microsoft space. AgilePoint has been a multi-year occupant of Gartner’s BPMS/iBPMS Magic Quadrants and has won numerous other awards for its unique approach to process automation. Now, all of that highly evolved BPMS capability is built into AgilePoint NX.


While AgilePoint NX comes standard with an extensive portfolio of connectors and adaptors as well as the industry’s largest catalog of predefined activities, it can, nonetheless, be extended on the front and back end via industry standard technologies, such as Microsoft’s .NET framework and HTML5/JavaScript.

Microsoft and Beyond

Positioned among the top five low-code platforms across all low-code segments, AgilePoint NX is the only one of the top five to feature extensive integrations with major Microsoft products, such as any version of SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, and Yammer, as well as integrations with systems from other vendors, such as Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite, and Oracle.

Flexible Licensing/Subscription Models

Unlike other elite BPMs, AgilePoint NX takes a decidedly low-code approach to licensing, providing a wide range of options that allow you to get in with small upfront investment and little long-term commitment.

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