The AgilePoint NX Difference

Build multi-tenant SaaS apps that incorporate Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies; are responsive to devices, browsers, and changing business conditions; and span on-premises systems and cloud services.


AgilePoint NX, the responsive, low code aPaaS, requires little upfront expense or long-term commitment.

What’s Different about AgilePoint NX?

You may have heard of “responsive web sites,” which automatically configure pages to display correctly on different kinds of devices and browsers. Well, AgilePoint NX is a low-code application development platform that lets you compose anything from simple workflows to sophisticated, composite line-of-business systems that responsively adapt to a range of various conditions, including different devices, browsers, channels, environments, platforms, and the needs of different business units or customers.

This level of functionality, obviously, requires a unique architecture and powerful development and management utilities.

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Common Characteristics

AgilePoint, like many other low-code platforms, utilizes a declarative, app composition environment that lets you drag, drop, and configure your way to powerful business apps. Likewise, AgilePoint NX supports the visual composition of forms, easy integration with external data sources, and the ability to represent data in charts, graphs, and reports. But AgilePoint NX’s similarities to most other low-code platforms are skin deep. To really understand what sets AgilePoint NX apart, you need to look closely at its architecture.

Model-Driven Architecture

Virtually all low-code platforms utilize a declarative approach to composing application models. But for most, the model is a static rendition of an app that must be converted to low-level code, a process which "bakes" in features and functionality. In contrast, AgilePoint NX utilizes a true, model-driven architecture, meaning that as the model is composed, underlying code is modified on the fly. This approach results in apps that have responsive characteristics, meaning they can actually adapt at run time to changing conditions.

Application Platform as a Service

AgilePoint NX is a low-code application Platform as a Service (aPaaS), which means it goes beyond just allowing you to build, deploy, and manage low-code software assets; it provides a multi-tenancy layer, which allows developers to build and license access to business apps to third-parties.

Standards-Based Technology

Some low-code platforms require that developers use a non-standards-based language in order to extend the platform, which can create any number of limitations and dependencies. In contrast, AgilePoint NX can be extended with Microsoft’s Visual Studio (C#), a widely used, standards-based technology, and with HTML5 and JavaScript.

Single-Code-Base Multi-Tenancy

AgilePoint NX supports single-code-base multi-tenancy, allowing all tenants to have separate data storage but still access a single platform codebase. This approach increases security and scalability while reducing maintenance and risk.

Application Governance

AgilePoint NX extends governance to the application level, enabling system administrators within individual tenants to assign a range of rights and privileges to various applications to specific team members. AgilePoint NX utilizes access tokens for single login to multiple applications.


Built-In Enterprise-Class BPMS Functionality

Simple workflows often sound like the answer to immediate business needs. But organizations of all sizes often learn that they need BPM functionality—the ability to manage process instances, to migrate from one version of an app to the next without taking the app offline, and to monitor, measure, and refine applications based on real-time feedback. AgilePoint NX, positioned in Gartner's iBPMS Magic Quadrant 2015, offers a deep, rich BPM feature set.

A Stateless Process Engine

AgilePoint NX utilizes a stateless process engine, meaning AgilePoint NX apps are not resident in memory throughout execution. Rather, AgilePoint NX apps are loaded when needed and jettisoned within just a few milliseconds. This design characteristic makes AgilePoint NX almost infinitely scalable and extremely reliable.

Enterprise-Class eForms

Forms constitute the user interface for business apps, and a true, enterprise-class low-code platform will need to have a powerful eforms capability. AgilePoint NX has the most powerful eForms Builder in the industry, allowing you to build anything from simple forms with just a few fields and controls to complex, multi-tabbed forms.

Cross Platform

AgilePoint NX, named by Forrester Research as one of the top five low code platforms, is the only one of the top five that provides deep integration with Microsoft products, such as any version of SharePoint/Office 365, OneDrive, Yammer, and Dynamics CRM as well as systems from other vendors, such as Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite, Oracle, and most other major systems.

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