AgilePoint NX App on AppExchange

Integrating with Salesforce is easy with the AgilePoint NX App for Salesforce.

Extend Salesforce to the Enterprise

The AgilePoint NX App brings native BPMS functionality to Salesforce and enables you to create dynamic interactions between Salesforce and all of your other systems, data, content, and people.

No iFrames Required

While other BPM suites and workflow tools can push/pull data from Salesforce, surfacing forms within Salesforce in iFrames (functionality also available with AgilePoint NX), AgilePoint NX runs as native code.

Speed and Security

Because AgilePoint NX apps, forms, and dashboards are embedded in Salesforce, they are blazing fast to use and much more data-secure than similar assets running in iFrames.

Salesforce Security Protocol

AgilePoint NX’s unique architecture enables it to pass Salesforce’s stringent security review, enabling the native-code approach. Platform architecture is the key, and AgilePoint NX is unique.

Event Monitoring without API Calls

Because AgilePoint NX is embedded in Salesforce, AgilePoint event listeners throughout your enterprise can monitor Salesforce activities without continually polling Salesforce. This design characteristic reduces bandwidth requirements and paves the way for you to interlace Salesforce with all your other systems and applications.

Extensive API Support

AgilePoint enables extensive interactivity with SalesForce, providing API support for 19 separate Salesforce activities.

Salesforce Environments

NX Apps run seamlessly on Development, Sandbox and Enterprise Editions of Salesforce, and can extend beyond Salesforce products to provide interactivity with Microsoft, SAP, and other LOB applications. AgilePoint NX is available as a SaaS application or can be run in a private cloud or on your own, on-premises server farm.

See AgilePoint NX in Action