Webinar: Accelerating Business Transformation with a Next-Gen App Platform

According to Gartner, adoption of a bimodal approach to application development is a critical aspect to digital business transformation. Mode 1 is traditional, sequential app development, which emphasizes stability, safety, and accuracy. Mode 2 is exploratory, a nonlinear approach that emphasizes speed and agility.

In this webinar, we will explore Mode 2 and show how AgilePoint NX, a next-generation, low-code development platform, allows you to quickly build future-proof business apps. AgilePoint NX apps are

  • responsive to devices, browsers, and changing business conditions.
  • consist of application models that require no code and incorporate activities from major line of business systems, and which function as departmental APIs for other enterprise groups.
  • include interactive eforms that can be embedded in any web application and which are built with simple drag-and-drop techniques.

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